What Products Can Help Restore My Skin Pigmentation?

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Are you trying to achieve the perfect skin tone without much success? Have you been looking for a way to even out pigmentation and dark spots? Board-certified internal medicine physician Dr. Marwan Mustaklem and the specialists at Radiant Skin are excited to provide the cutting-edge Spectra Laser for hormone-related pigmentation problems, commonly known as melasma.

The Spectra Laser is a modern example of how technology can improve your complexion in some very exciting ways. This blog will review the benefits of using this device for people looking to reduce skin discoloration without having to undergo more invasive treatments. Call our office in Zionsville, IN, or schedule a consultation today to see what we can do for you.

What is melasma?

Melasma is a common hormone-related condition that causes brown patches to form around your cheeks, nose, and chin. It's more common in women, like those who are pregnant or use oral contraceptives, but it can also occur in men. Melasma is not dangerous and only leads to cosmetic changes in the skin. However, it can be challenging to treat. While many people turn to over-the-counter creams or invasive procedures to address pigmentation issues, there is another and more effective method.

How does the Spectra Laser work?

Hyperpigmentation, brown spots, and unwanted freckles can make you feel self-conscious about your skin. The Spectra Laser has been gaining momentum as an effective way to reduce melasma. It works by targeting and breaking down the pigment into smaller particles, which are then naturally removed by the body. The laser penetrates deep into your skin to reduce discoloration without harming the surrounding tissue. Benefits of laser treatment in Zionsville, IN include:

  • A more even skin tone

  • Improved texture and softness

  • No downtime or scaring, and positive and long-lasting results

Is laser treatment right for me?

If you're looking to treat signs of melasma and dark spots, we invite you to learn about the Spectra Laser from Radiant Skin. Dr. Mustaklem can perform a quick assessment and learn about your health history before making a recommendation. Generally, most healthy adults with hormone-related skin changes will respond well to the Spectra Laser. Some people may be better suited for other procedures, so it's best to attend a consultation at our office.

How many treatments do I need?

The answer depends on the severity of your melasma and your treatment goals. We like to start with a short series of sessions spaced a few weeks apart, which is essential for achieving optimal results. Following this initial plan should help reduce your dark spots. Of course, every person's skin responds differently to laser treatment, so there is not an exact number of sessions guaranteed to work for everyone.

Dark spot treatment that works

Are pigmentation issues causing you to feel self-conscious? It's time for a change. Our Spectra Laser can remove unwanted brown spots and bring back the lightness of your natural skin! We're experts in laser treatments and can help you find a solution for your needs. Contact Dr. Marwan Mustaklem at Radiant Skin to schedule an appointment in Zionsville, IN. We'll help you get that perfect complexion once again.

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