When Will Hormones Start to Balance After Hormone Replacement Therapy?

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Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a valuable treatment that helps restore energy and keeps you feeling youthful. But it will take a few weeks for the hormones to start to balance following your initial hormone replacement therapy visit. Board-certified physician Dr. Marwan Mustaklem and the team at Radiant Skin in Zionsville, IN will help you with your HRT. It helps to understand what you’ll experience and how long you can expect to wait before you start noticing the optimal results prior to treatment.

Understanding how HRT works

Hormone replacement therapy uses a preparation that includes bioidentical hormones similar to what you will naturally find in your body. The hormones can be administered in many ways, whether through a patch, cream, or another method. We can review your needs and identify the right treatment option that works for your body.

The HRT process is simple and produces many positive effects. You’ll feel more energetic as your hormones are naturally restored. You can boost your mental focus, your sexual libido, and your body’s metabolic rate. You’ll also have a healthier and more positive mood following HRT.

The procedure is ideal for many people, but it is especially helpful for those who are older. It is also beneficial for women who are past menopause, as it is tough for many of these women to restore natural hormone production.

How soon will you see these results?

You will gradually start to notice the positive effects of HRT a few weeks after the initial treatment. The timeframe for when people will see results will vary by person.

The average person will experience the effects of HRT about 6 – 12 weeks after the initial treatment. The hormone levels will start to settle at this point, and the body will feel a little healthier.

When should you follow up?

Our experts at Radiant Skin in Zionsville, IN recommend visiting Dr. Mustaklem every three months following your initial HRT session. Our team can monitor how you are responding to the treatment and if you need any corrections.

We can review your current medical condition and survey how well you feel to determine if you have seen any positive effects from the therapy. We may also recommend a new HRT treatment if you are noticing a drop-off in results. Every person will respond to the treatment in various ways, so contacting us for further details on how hormone replacement therapy is working is necessary for your success.

The average timeframe for how long an HRT application will last varies by patient. Some treatments can continue to release hormones for months after the initial process starts.

Contact us to see if HRT in Zionsville is right for you

Every person will respond to HRT differently, but the best way to see if HRT is right for you is by consulting us at Radiant Skin in Zionsville, IN for help. Dr. Marwan Mustaklem and the team at Radiant Skin can help you review how well your body responds to treatment. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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