What are the Benefits of Tetra CO2 Cool-Peel Treatment?

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A chemical peel is a unique skin treatment that can improve your skin's texture, tone, and clarity. It's also an effective way to reduce common problems like acne scars and fine lines. While the benefits of chemical peels are far-reaching, it does come with some guidelines to ensure safe and effective results. It's important to consult with an expert in anti-aging treatments before getting started.

Dr. Marwan Mustaklem is proud to provide the advanced Tetra CO2 Cool-Peel for patients in Zionsville, IN. Learn about our full range of facial cosmetic treatments during a consultation at Radiant Skin. We can help you achieve a more youthful, radiant appearance.

How does a chemical peel work?

A chemical peel uses special formulas to remove dead and damaged skin cells from the top layer of your skin. This can smooth out uneven pigment and fine lines for a more even complexion. Chemical peels also help with other problems, like hyperpigmentation and acne scars that make you feel self-conscious. Once we address the underlying skin, your body produces newer and healthier-looking layers to take its place.

So, what is the Tetra CO2 Cool-Peel?

The Tetra CO2 Cool-Peel is a chemical peel that uses carbon dioxide (CO2) to achieve superior results. Though traditional CO2 treatments are associated with long recovery periods, this technology offers more precision and control, meaning you can reap all the benefits without extended downtime or risks. The Cool-Peel only treats the affected tissue and leaves the healthy cells behind.

Why choose the Tetra CO2 Cool-Peel?

The Tetra CO2 Cool-Peel is a superior chemical peel offered to our patients in the Zionsville area. Radiant Skin usually recommends this skin treatment if you struggle with the following:

  • Sun damage: Your skin is more likely to have signs of sun damage if you spend a lot of time outdoors. Going outside without proper protection can lead to dark spots and premature aging.

  • Hyperpigmentation: This happens when your skin overproduces melanin, causing dark patches to form on your skin. This is often the result of sun exposure or hormone changes due to pregnancy.

  • Acne scars: Unsightly acne scars can make you feel embarrassed. Excessive scar tissue also prevents the growth of healthy new cells.

  • Fine lines and wrinkles: Over time, you may notice that your skin begins to lose elasticity and firmness. Wrinkles are often the first signs of aging on the face.

What if I want more dramatic results?

Our team at Radiant Skin offers several options for men and women who want more intensive skin treatments at our clinic. If you're looking for dramatic changes, we may recommend cosmetic injectables, like wrinkle relaxers or dermal fillers. These are designed to smooth out lines and plump up hollow areas for a youthful look. Patients can attend a quick skin consultation to learn about their options.

Treat your common skin concerns

Common skin issues, like sun damage, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and fine lines and wrinkles, can be addressed with a Tetra CO2 Cool-Peel at Radiant Skin. If you're interested in learning about advanced chemical peels or have questions about the process, call to meet with board-certified physician Dr. Marwan Mustaklem in Zionsville, IN. We look forward to helping you get a smoother and more even complexion.

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